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The open cell interior and smooth exterior neoprene of the Picasso Thermal Skin is made in Japan, an aspect that should guarantee a very high quality. Such material, for sure soft, does not result in a too delicate compound, and touching and extending it, it seems to offer sufficient resistance.

The external smooth surface is made camouflage thanks to hand painting, that has a brownbase on the wetsuit of the test, but is also available with red and green bases.

External protections are limited to the knees, and even these (made of Supratex) are quite small, demonstrating the will of Picasso to reduce to the minimum the parts with external (but also internal) lining, that make the wetsuit heavier and soak with water that dries up slowly when in open air. This, evidently, strongly improves thermal insulation out of water, where the almost 100% smooth external surface of the Thermal Skin dries up very quickly.

Finishes of the Picasso Thermal Skin are of very good quality and show no areas with inaccurate bondings. The smooth folded neoprene on every edge of the wetsuit is surely a good solution, even though it must be said that this is quite mandatory with such kind of neoprene, else it would easily tear in such areas. No differentiated thickness neoprene areas are present, but it is also true that with open cell interior and smooth exterior neoprene comfort is already at high levels. Face contour band is preformed.

Excellent is the absence of seams on the chin, as on all the Thermal Skin wetsuit in fact, with the exception of the lower edge of the jacket, which is actually reinforced with fabric neoprene and an additional lining to obtain a stronger area on the castor tail and the inferior part of the jacket. An additional (and last) seam is present on the fabric neoprene of the stressed area of the inseams of the trousers.

Picasso Thermal Skin wetsuit 3/5/7mm

250,00 €Τιμή
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