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The Cayman ET Roller features many innovations that make it a unique speargun in the world of Roller type spearguns. The barrel, with a cuttlefish profile, is equipped with two enclosed track rails. The top rail guides shafts, equipped with shark fins (you can use shafts from 6.5 mm to 7 mm) to avoid any possibility of the so called "shaft whip".


The lower rail guide features 3 fins, where to place the second wishbone of the bands. The 3 fins can be positioned as you like. This innovation, unique in its kind, allows to modify the power of the Roller at any time depending on its needs, making it a very versatile speargun. You can also load it easily without the help of specific tools or charging systems.


The muzzle features 2 pulleys with stainless steel spheres protected by an “anti sand” cage. These spheres allow for an enhanced performance and improve resistance to axial loads. The hole in the head can fit one or two extra bands (in this second case with a maximum diameter of 16 mm). On the sides there are two stainless steel guides to hold the line and to prevent contact with the rubber bands.


The handle features the Cayman mechanism entirely made in Stainless Steel to ensure great sensitivity even in the face of extreme loads. The handle features a stainless steel eyelet with a carabiner and 2 ergonomic handles (right and left) are included in the packaging. On the side of the handle it is possible to insert a stainless steel ring (included in the packaging) where a bungee line can be inserted.



95cm=295 euros

105cm=310 euros


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