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GLADIUS CAMO is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in 100% high modulus carbon fiber.

Inspired by animal camouflage it has been designed by hand by digitally painting a "textured skin" which makes the carbon fiber background visible. The final effect is similar to turtle skin and the colors of a spotted stingray.

Anti-scratch camouflage

The camouflage color is not simply positioned on the surface of the carbon fiber but it is embodied into it, thanks to a layer of UV resin which also makes it highly resistant to wear and prevents the fading of colors through time. The speargun features two anatomical and adjustable green handles and two extra white handles.

GLADIUS CAMO is a fast hydrodynamic gun featuring a rigid barrel for very sharp and stable shooting. It is versatile and can be used for different types of hunting.

It has a shape of a cuttlefish bone with a reduced head and a higher volume towards the hand. This shape makes it well balanced and easy to handle in the water. It has an integrated shaft guide over the whole barrel.

The behindhand triggering mechanism is C4 "Auto-R" with an integrated line releaser that can be positioned on the left or on the right side. The mechanism and the trigger are entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI316.

GLADIUS CAMO is sold with a double anatomical adjustable polypropylene handle (small and large) and with a soft plastic sternal support in green color. The same parts in white color are supplied inside the accessory kit.

The head, which is integrated in the barrel, is made entirely in carbon fiber and can feature single or double latex bands with a diameter up to ø18mm. On the head there are two hook shaped stainless steel line holders on the sides and one line holder screwed to the bottom of the barrel.

The handle butt is covered in soft plastic material to have more stability during the charge. GLADIUS CAMO can mount C4 HERCULES reels.



GLADIUS 85: Lunghezza Fusto: 850 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1200 mm
GLADIUS 95: Lunghezza Fusto: 950 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1300 mm
GLADIUS 105: Lunghezza Fusto: 1050 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1400 mm
GLADIUS 115: Lunghezza Fusto: 1150 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1500 mm



Model Gladius

17/4 ph stainless
steel shaft

C4 Primeline
circular Rubber

Gladius 85

Ø 6.50 mm single barb,
4 shark fins made in Italy

1 x (16 mm black)

Gladius 95

Ø 6.50 mm single barb,
4 shark fins made in Italy

1 x (16 mm black)

Gladius 105

Ø 6.75 mm single barb,
4 shark fins made in Italy

2 x (16 mm black)

Gladius 115

Ø 6.75 mm single barb,
4 shark fins made in Italy

2 x (16 mm black)


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