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Blueinstinct was born in 2006.

Initially as a freediving and underwater fishing equipment store until 2008 when the educational part was also introduced.

Today it is now the largest Freediving Community in Cyprus.

As a school it delivers Freediving lessons on a daily basis with state certified instructors. It also delivers First Aid at Work courses also with certified instructors.

The responsible instructor of the school is George Pavlidis.

Two-star CMAS instructor from the Cyprus Underwater Activities Federation K.O.Y.D.

Trainer F.A.W. Under the Provider Mr. Marios Kaisi.

The school is registered as PAVLIDIS SCHOLI E.K. and P.B.

Blueinstinct cooperates with almost all equipment companies and provides all its customers with many options.

These collaborations have opened up the field of proposals and services since every student and every client of the school now has more options than before.

Today blueinstinct and the Pavlidis school offer, in addition to training and the necessary equipment, daily excursions for Freediving to wrecks and other important destinations as well as spearfishing excursions throughout Cyprus.

Since 2006, our faculty has also been involved in underwater filming, article writing and book writing on the subject of Free Diving and the activities that stem from it. In 2016 he published the book Instincts in Blue which you can find in the Cyprus Library.

In 2011, our school received praise from the Cyprus Police Headquarters.

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